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According to Fr. Robert Spitzer, a Jesuit priest and doctor of astrophysics, a recent Jesuit survey has revealed that, far and away, the greatest cause today for people losing their faith and becoming either agnostic or atheistic in our country is the perceived conflict between faith and science. In fact 93% of those who lose their faith say the claims of religion do not hold up to the scrutiny of what we know through modern science. Put another way, these individuals have simply shifted their faith in God to faith in science (i.e. “scientism”) as the definitive way of knowing truth. The Church position is that faith and reason are simply different ways of coming to know truth, either through divine revelation or through careful observation of the created universe. They can never truly be in conflict because God, who is The Truth, is both the creator of the ordered, observable universe and the very author of science. However, to try to reach those who have lost their faith in this way and who perhaps do not share the Church’s view on truth, Spitzer has suggested featuring miracles of the Church that have undergone intense scientific scrutiny, where “the finger of God” has stumped all scientific explanation. In fact, one of the definitions of “miracle” is “an event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of divine agency”. Understood in this way, the existence of miracles should lead one to faith. And so, I give you a new series which I call “Did I Blow Your Mind?”

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