Pastoral Council

Present Recommendations and Solutions for Pastoral Matters

About the Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is a counseling body, pastoral in nature, because it strives to discern the movement of the Holy Spirit among God’s people in the parish.  A Parish Pastoral Council main purpose is to investigate, reflect and reach conclusion about pastoral matters to recommend and give advice to the pastor.

Purpose is to enhance the process of:

  • pastoral planning
  • developing pastoral programs
  • improving pastoral services
  • evaluating the pastoral effectiveness of various programs and services

Pastoral Council Members:

    • Fr. Ken Sampson
    • Sylvia Jauregui
    • BJ Buxton
    • Mary Jo Baich
    • Don Zimmerer
    • Rick Carrara
    • Annie Sanchez
    • Earl Parrish
    • Dennis Macey
    • Kim O’Gara
    • Paul Christy

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