Becoming a Fully Initiated Catholic: RCIA

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

Becoming Catholic

You may have been attending Mass for years as the spouse or friend of a Catholic or be a seeker whose quest for Truth has led you here.  Perhaps you are baptized Catholic but never received your First Communion. Perhaps your children, age 8 or older, have not yet been baptized.

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

Whatever the case, RCIA is the process by which persons from many faith journeys come together to learn and consider becoming fully initiated members of the Catholic Church. Is this you or someone you know?

  • Adults who are not yet baptized
  • Adults baptized in other Christian churches who are interested in possibly becoming Catholic
  • Baptized Catholic adults who have not received First Communion
  • Children 8 years and older who have not yet been baptized (parents must first contact Ann.)
  • Baptized, catechized Catholics seeking the Sacrament of Confirmation

For those attending English mass, weekly RCIA sessions begin on September 13th, 2022 on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 – 8:00 in the parish hall, but you may join any time of the year.  (For those who attend Spanish mass, please contact Sr. Imelda and meet on Monday evenings.)  At these informative and friendly RCIA sessions, you’ll become acquainted with the Catholic faith and our parish community.  If you chose to become Catholic, at a future date you’ll receive the initiation sacraments (baptism, confirmation and Holy Communion or confirmation and Holy Communion for those already baptized Christian).  RCIA is a wonderful journey!

For more information or to sign up, please contact Ann Brophy at the parish office, email directly at [email protected] , or submit a contact form via the contact us link on this page. We look forward to welcoming you to the Catholic Church!


“At our request, many of our recently initiated Catholics wrote a few words for you about their journey through RCIA to Easter, below. As did we, you will find their faith inspiring and their joy, contagious.”  – Ann and the RCIA Team

Janis Dinardi
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"I have been learning about the Catholic faith since joining RCIA class this past fall. My experience in RCIA feels full and amazingly fresh with the studies offered in class. The Catholic Church shows her reverence for all of God’s children. Peace is present when entering the church. And the same mass is shared in every Catholic Church worldwide. That is powerful prayer! RCIA class was so much fun! People from all backgrounds and ages share and learn together. Understanding the where, what and why’s of the Catholic faith has been so enriching. I feel truly blessed to be on this new and spiritual journey of becoming Catholic. I’m giving great thanks to Ann Brophy for leading the class and teaching us about God’s love for us and our love for Him."
Summer Irwin
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“I don’t exactly know where to start this, but I know I want to firstly recognize the kind people of the RCIA group…When it was time to enroll our daughter into school, throughout the Rogue Valley there are so many options, and we tried so many. Yet, none of the schools held our beliefs until one day we drove by Sacred Heart Catholic Church. Patrick (who is Catholic) and I looked at one another and just pulled right into the parking lot and walked into Mass. It was my first time at Mass, and I cried through the entire thing. I knew my heart needed to be there; I knew God wanted us there. Returning home, I opened the bulletin from Sacred Heart parish and saw that Sacred Heart also had a school. We called, and the next our daughter started school there. The other news in the bulletin was that RICA started that very Tuesday. I thought to myself, how is this happening, how can everything fall right into place? Instantly, almost at the same time as I asked myself these questions, I knew it was God. He was behind me like the strongest wind I had ever felt. I have never felt so impowered and brave before. I called the number on the bulletin for RCIA, and I signed myself up. My life has changed in many ways since my first day at Sacred Heart Catholic Church. The choice every day is to choose Him. I never truly knew a definition of love until I was a bit older, but it stuck with me. Love is choosing the same person every day, no matter what. One of the most brilliant gifts our journey in RCIA has given me are the tools and guidance in learning our Lord. For not only do we get to choose him every day, we get to understand why. The Catholic Church shows her reverence for all of God’s children. Peace is present when entering the church. And the same mass is shared in every Catholic Church worldwide. That is powerful prayer! RCIA class was so much fun! People from all backgrounds and ages share and learn together. Understanding the where, what and why’s of the Catholic faith has been so enriching. I feel truly blessed to be on this new and spiritual journey of becoming Catholic. I’m giving great thanks to Ann Brophy for leading the class and teaching us about God’s love for us and our love for Him."
Bill Bumgardner
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“I was raised in a Protestant household and brought up in a family that loves Christ. I had nothing to compare the Catholic faith to as I grew up, other than a few acquaintances and what I had heard in the media. This created a limited and ignorant perception of Catholicism as I knew it, and I never explored it further growing up. My wife and I raised three daughters in the Rogue Valley, and we attended a couple of local Protestant churches while they were young over the years. As my daughters attended high school our church attendance diminished, and my faith became dry. I still believed in Jesus Christ and his love for me, but I did not focus on growing my relationship with him. In late 2017, our family moved to the west Medford area. During that time, I worked as a volunteer board member on a local non-profit in downtown Medford. My frequent travels caused me to drive by Sacred Heart Church. It sounds strange to me even as I type this, but I heard an internal voice say to me as I drove by one evening that I needed to visit this church. This was counter-intuitive for me. I knew no one from this parish, was never invited by anyone to come, and the only Catholic church I had ever been in was for a funeral. Furthermore, I am not an outgoing person, and I am often quite content in keeping to a routine and maintaining my network of life relatively minimal and mundane. Change is not easy for anyone, but for me, Catholicism would be a huge difference! For several months, I successfully talked myself out of attending Sacred Heart. However, every time I drove by, I felt a pull. Funny as it sounds, I think I even drove through the parking lot a few times while my heart raced. Not sure why I did that, but I have never felt like wanting to be somewhere and not be somewhere at the same time. During those months of trying to talk myself out of not attending Sacred Heart Church, I decided to read a couple of books about conversion, including Crossing the Tiber by Stephen Ray and Rome Sweet Home by Scott Hahn. Neither of these books were recommended to me, and I still to this day do not know how exactly I came across these two! These books cut right through me. Both books articulated many of the conflicts I had spiritually and emotionally about Protestantism and Catholicism. Not only that, but both books gave me the history and knowledge that the Catholic Church was truly the Historical Church. I could not believe I had never heard or learned any of this in my 47 years. Early in 2019, a lady that works with my wife asked if we were Catholic one day while she visited when she saw a statue of the Virgin Mary in our landscaping that was given to me by my children on Father’s Day about 5 years earlier. My wife explained we were not but that I had been reading some books about Catholicism. The next week the woman brought a book titled Why We’re Catholic by Horn and said, “My husband wants to give this to your husband.” Amazing! In April of 2019 I attended my first Mass at Sacred Heart. I had no idea what to expect. That it was beautiful, strange, and wonderful is the best way I can describe it. Every week I attended; I could not wait until the next Mass. In June I made an appointment with Ann and to ask about attending the upcoming RCIA classes in September so I could learn more about faith, how I could become Catholic, and what that looked like. I really appreciated that she listened to my concerns and one of my biggest fears – perhaps the biggest: explaining my conversion and this journey to my family! The RCIA program has been one of the most exciting, fulfilling, and overwhelming experiences. There is so much to learn in such a short time, but everyone made it so enjoyable. I looked forward to every class and am so grateful for the opportunity. The staff, Team support, and the priests have helped lay a phenomenal foundation for me, and I have been given such a desire to draw closer to my Redeemer. While I have so much to learn about the faith, I genuinely believe that Catholicism gives me the best opportunity to be the best version of myself. Thank you, Jesus!"
Justin Olesen
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“My journey to full communion with the Catholic Church has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life. My wife and I are incredibly fortunate to connect with what we believe to be the visible Church founded by Jesus Christ and participate in the sacramental life it offers. The amazing RCIA team has been incredibly helpful along this journey, and I am happy to call them dear friends.”
Abigail Olesen
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“I am so grateful for the Catholic Church and the RCIA program. This year has been one of the more spiritually challenging years of my life, and I’m excited for the years ahead as my family and I continue to learn.”
David Clark
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“I started coming to the Catholic Church just to spend time with my girlfriend. I was a lot like other people; I had misconceptions about the Catholic faith. As I attended RCIA and learned, I fell in love with the Church and found that I was home. In this Church I have found Love and Truth, and like the old saying, Truth shall set you free.”
Shirley Cockrell
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“I was baptized Catholic as a baby, raised in other denomination churches, but my heart always felt pulled toward the Catholic Church. I couldn’t ignore the “tug” on my heart any longer and made the choice to become fully initiated into the Catholic Church. Since I began RCIA last fall, my faith has frown deeper and stronger. There is a peace and joy in my heart and mind that I have never experienced in my life before. I know I am where I am supposed to be and I am home.”
Tammra Trubenbach
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“My journey has been amazing! When my son brought home a flier from school for RCIA classes, I felt like that was what I needed to do. Since then, I have felt as though an emptiness has been filled in my heart. I had always been envious of my children’s tremendous faith but now my faith continues to grow exponentially. I have experienced a change in my life that I wish everyone could experience. One of the changes that is most dear to me is that my relationship with my mother has grown and has brought her back to the Catholic Church after over forty years.”
Haley Irwin
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“It took me until my 27th year of life to open my heart and soul to God. Looking back on this journey through RCIA, I feel like it was just yesterday I walked through the door full of questions and fear of the unknown. To my surprise, I quickly felt safe, wanted, and loved. I see that God is love, and He wants me to love Him. I now have a new meaning and purpose in life. ‘Sometimes it doesn’t feel as though I converted to Catholicism so much as my soul returned to it. This is my journey’s end. I am home.’ A special thank you to Ann Brophy for holding my hand through this process. It has been an eye-opening and powerful experience I will cherish forever.”
Danielle David
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“Being in RCIA has been very enlightening! I’ve enjoyed learning the history, doctrine, traditions, prayers (especially the Rosary!), more about the Saints, and really just feeling closer to God and how to be closer to God. I look forward to being fully initiated to continue learning more about the Church, the Fathers of the Church, the history, etc. There is so much to learn! So much to increase my love for the Church and Jesus and Mary! I thank God every night at the end of my prayers that I was finally moved to call Ann and join RCIA. I just wish I’d done it sooner!”
Bill Parks
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“I have always known that I needed Christ in my life, and my wife gently tutored me in the beliefs and ways in the Catholic Church. I felt it was time to fully commit to Christ and the Church and decided to sign up in the RCIA class last summer. It has been a very rewarding journey.”
Misty Tudor
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“Becoming Catholic has been a fun journey. Finding my faith and becoming closer to God was a wonderful experience, thanks to RCIA! I’ve met some wonderful people and learned so much. I know there’s still so much more to learn, but I’m look forward to that adventure as well when I join the Church as a fully initiated Catholic.”
Colleen Aldrich
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“God has been calling me for a long time, and it’s been a very long journey that led me to seek the Catholic Church. Being a seeker, I finally realized I had to stop and find. What I found was the beauty, love, and fullness the Catholic Church offers. It is finding the true home of God that brought me to the Catholic Church, and I couldn’t be happier.” – Jill Naumann “(Baptized Catholic as an infant), I came back to the Catholic Church because I believe the Holy Spirit has made me realize it is the true Church, the first Church, Jesus’ Church. When I finally am confirmed and receive my First Holy Communion, I will feel complete. I will finally be one with Jesus. I found truth and love in the church. I found knowledge at Sacred Heart - knowledge and sharing of knowledge. I look forward to volunteering in the parish in many ways.”
Andy MonroeCrater High School junior, and 2016 5A State Champion, Cross Country
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“This journey in RCIA has truly been a blessing. Growing up, I was never really introduced to church or religion. As I got older, I noticed that I had a connection with God. At this same time, my dad was suffering from some severe health issues. My dad began going to church, and his faith was stronger than I had ever seen. On April 20th, 2014, my dad was baptized. On April 27th, 2014, my dad passed away. He was not Catholic, but he was very devoted in his church. I was very hurt by the loss of my dad, and I did not know what to do. I then met the (Scott and Connie) Smith family. They introduced me to the Catholic Church, and I could not be more thankful to have them in my life. I was finally at peace, and I fell in love with the religion. This journey has truly been a huge blessing, and I cannot wait to strengthen my faith. Again, I would like to thank the RCIA members, the Smith family, and my mother, sister, and Grandparents for the love and support.”
David Kinnen
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“I am grateful to have grown up in a loving, Christian home. Over time I developed an interest in Christian apologetics and decided to study that in (a Protestant) seminary. After I finished, I enrolled in an Ignatian retreat, during which I grew spiritually and met many joyful Catholics who had a deep, sincere love of Jesus. I was also exposed to a rich understanding of prayer and spirituality that was the fruit of the lives of many saints throughout the centuries. For the next several years, I began to seriously study what the Catholic Church taught, and I was surprised to discover how many misconceptions I had about Catholicism and how the teaching of the Catholic faith made sense biblically and historically. I found that the closer I drew to Jesus, the closer I was drawing to Catholicism. I am thankful to have “come home” and am excited to enter into full communion with the age old, worldwide family of God that is the Catholic Church!"
Kathy Chmelir
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“Family is everything to me. A few years ago my husband John and I started attending Mass with our son and his family, went to the baptisms of their children at Sacred Heart, and I was intrigued by the mysterious practices and centuries-old traditions of the Catholic Church. While the Christian, family-centered American culture surrounding me crumbled, the Catholic Church always stood for life and family. While half of all the married people I knew divorced, the Catholic Church stood up for marriage. I was intrigued by the history, practices, and rock-solid foundation of the Catholic Church and am honored to be part of the RCIA group being confirmed this Easter.”
Logan Bell
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“I was raised in a nondenominational church. I have had a love and a desire to know God nearly my entire life. After feeling more and more dissatisfied with some of the historical issues of the Protestant church, I began to start exploring the Catholic faith with more seriousness. The reasons for my desire to become a part of the Catholic Church are many: the beauty of the liturgy, the sense of begin part of a family of saints that spans all time, the mystery of the Real Presence, the Truth and authority of the Church and the historicity of the Church are just a few. But when I ponder all the multitude of reasons, it really comes down to my desire to draw closer to Jesus.”
Grace Laughery
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“I am so honored as well as humbled by the undertaking to become a Catholic. In the Church I have found peace along with the capacity to strive in living Christ-like each day, and I am all the better a person for it.”
Laurie Mortenson
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“The Catholic Church has been a safe place for me since I was a child in Carmel, California and spent much time at the Carmel Mission. I look forward to this part of my journey as a new Catholic and member of Sacred Heart Catholic Church.”
Josh Johnson
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“I had the seed planted almost seven years ago from a friend; his simple questions about my Protestant faith challenged me in a way that never left me. His faith/knowledge were always pressing on my life. I would encourage Catholics to know their faith. Know your faith and live your faith!”
Janell Harvey
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“I would like to thank the RCIA Team and Sacred Heart parish for an enriching and rewarding spiritual journey. I look forward to deepening my faith and being a member of the Sacred Heart parish community.”
Michelle and Joe Mussio
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“I have enjoyed the entire process of becoming Catholic. The RCIA classes have shed so much light on the many years attending church and now knowing the history and beliefs behind each sermon or scripture. This has been a family journey for my husband, Joe, and daughter, Isabella. It’s been so amazing to go through this together.”
Dr. Matt Miller
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“Once I witnessed the power and beauty of the Mass, I began to desire the Eucharist so much. The desire to receive the Sacrament (of Holy Communion) is so powerful in me it is hard to describe. I feel at home, and I know that the Catholic Church is what I have been searching for all my life!”
Dr. Natalya Miller
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“I have contemplated becoming Catholic for many years, as I attended Mass as a child and young adult. Through God’s divine love, my five year old daughter suggested we attend Mass together on Sundays and talk and learn about Jesus. What followed was a beautiful experience in which I said “yes” to God. I am overwhelmed with joy, and anticipate my Confirmation greatly. My heart deeply desires to receive the Body and Blood of Christ. Moving forward, I surrender myself to God, as I know I’ve been chosen to be here!”
Bryan Moreno
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The process of becoming a Catholic means the world to me. It has been a long life journey that at some points I thought I couldn’t get through until I found God. I have been involved with the Church since I was a small child but was never into it. I had a hard time believing. After all my life’s hardships, I have come to realize that God was only testing my faith. I feel like I must fully commit and go through this process to thank God, and show Him that I believe in Him and He is the only one that can lead me out of the darkness into the light.”
Hnoriega Carillo
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“This has been a goal for a very long time. But this year my mom told me that I was going to do RCIA and become fully Catholic. At first I didn’t want to, but something about it made me want to come back. (Ann, you really made me feel blessed.) Something about the Catholic Church was how much I enjoy Mass on Sunday. I always look forward to Sundays to go to Mass.”
Dacey McCraeSouthern Oregon University Senior
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“I cannot fully express into words why I have longed to become a Catholic. Once I began attending Mass at the Catholic Church, I felt as if I was home. I felt as if I could attend Mass and learn something new from each one. This feeling is something that I have searched for since I had discovered the role that Christ plays in my life, and how I wanted to receive Him.”
Donna Garo
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“My name is Donna Garo, and I am very proud and very excited to be baptized Catholic at this year’s Easter Vigil. My husband Cal and I are fairly new to the Oregon area. I feel blessed to have found the RCIA program at Sacred Heart. I love this parish. Father Ken is amazing! Everyone I have met at Sacred Heart has been exceptional and very supportive. Through the teachings of RCIA and its sponsors, I have grown to know Christ and the Holy Spirit. My heart is now open to know God’s love, and I am truly happy in a way I have never before experienced. Recently, I was truly blessed to personally witness and experience an authentic divine healing while on a trip to Venice where St. Lucy is resting in a glass case on the altar in the Catholic Church there. While my husband Cal and I were in the Catholic Church, my husband looked at me and said, “I don’t know what is happening right now, but I feel like I am burning deep into my bones as though I am being microwaved from the inside out” When I looked into my husband’s eyes, the words that came to my mind were, “You have just been healed.” Upon returning to Oregon, my husband was advised that he no longer had diabetes or prostate cancer. A true miracle! My husband and I have been called to share our story with everyone we meet. God’s grace has touched our lives, and our lives have been forever changed. God bless everyone!”
Zach Watson
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“The RCIA Team here at Sacred Heart has been very supportive of my journey. My calling to the Lord has been a guiding force in raising a family. I feel like the Church has always been here for me. I am grateful for my faith in the Catholic Church.”
Christina Mercado
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“My faith journey since my youth has been very rocky. I’ve been to many churches and have always felt a little out of place. Something was always missing. Two years ago I attended mass with my husband and son. I immediately felt something drawing me to learn more about the Catholic faith and Mass. I went home that evening and started researching the history, tradition, and beauty of the Mass. I knew that evening I was being called to the Catholic faith. Attending RCIA this past year has brought me great joy as well as balance to my and my family’s life. I can’t wait to continue this journey with my family and deepening my relationship with God through the Holy Sacraments.”


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