Children’s Religious Education and 1st Communion


Religious Education Classes – Preschool through 5th Grade

Sunday Mornings –  9:50am – 11.15am (Classes are held at Sacred Heart School)

Classes – Commence September 18th, 2016 — April 30th, 2017

We at Sacred Heart believe that our Religious Education Program is a continuing journey of faith.  It is one that begins in the home and is reinforced by our weekly classes. Parents are the primary educators of their children when it comes to raising them in the Catholic faith, but the parish provides a strong, steady reinforcement to that which is so important to the parents in teaching their children, and more importantly, in helping their children to live out their faith. One of our main objectives is to teach the students the basic principles of the Catholic faith; however giving meaning to the rituals and symbols of our faith is not enough.  It is up to you, as parents, to provide a daily commitment to God by practicing the gift of faith and setting an example for your children.  Our efforts will not be effective unless they are combined with your efforts.

All children of the Parish, whether attending Catholic or Public schools, are invited to attend our religious education classes and experiences.


The preparation for the sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Eucharist is an active event in the lives of our parish children and their families. The actions of belonging, gathering, listening, celebrating, giving and going forth are stressed in the context of the Mass throughout the preparation year. It is a participatory process and we offer required sessions for parents to enable them to fully support their children throughout this time.


  • Registration for all Sacrament Preparation programs must be completed at your scheduled Registration Intake Interview. 
  • Interviews can be scheduled from May 22nd and until September 12th 2016 (CLOSING DATE). 
  • Call to schedule an interview for you and your child with Mary Stallard. After hours and weekend Interview times available. Just waiting to hear from you! 

Children’s Sacrament Preparation Classes are held alternating Wednesday Evenings 6pm – 7pm (Classes held at Sacred Heart School) Classes begin September 21st, 2016 and conclude with First Communion May 20th 2017.

For further information and details about Religious Education & Sacrament Preparation classes, contact Mary Stallard (Religious Education/Sacrament Preparation Coordinator) Phone: 541-779-4661 Ext: 107




Volunteer Opportunities

Recognize the gift handed to you…BE A CATECHIST!

God may be calling to you to share your faith with the children and youth in the parish:

  • Proclaim it!
  • Celebrate it!
  • Live it!
  • Transmit it!
  1. Prayerfully consider if God is calling you to facilitate faith formation or to become a core team member for Religious Education. Are you a Catholic in good standing with the church? Are your 18 years or older and a parishioner for at least six months or more of our parish? Do you have the desire to share your faith and prepare lessons for our children and youth? Lets get started!
  2. Contact Religious Education/Sacrament Preparation Coordinator : Mary Stallard @ Parish Office

Phone: 541-779-4661 Ext: 107



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